Customer Behavior and Persona Design

Imagine… All that we need is just to imagine and think. Once we become able to think, we can search for a solution. Usually Data Scientists are the ones which can create the best formulas and graphs using different tools… from Python, R to Tableau or even SAS. But should we keep doing this? Is…
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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of the 4IR

The World Economic Forum has predicted that the 4IR might start in 2025. Today we are preparing the path for that to occur, and it seems that we are going at a really good pace, which is good, and bad! The good: We will have everything that we have been dreaming about, autonomous cars, hyper-connectivity,…
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Advantages and Disadvantages of the 4th Industrial Revolution

The 4th revolution brings with it a multitude of advantages and disadvantages for the world. Privacy for citizens is being invaded and spam, phishing, and identify theft scams of all types continue to evolve and transform. Politics, security, peacekeeping, and surveillance occur on a whole different and more perverse level. These activities will likely to…
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Pros and cons of the 4IR

By: George Firican

Revolution 4.0

The fourth revolution has by itself proved that it is happening far before someone would have expected, indicating we need to move (adopt, adjust, accommodate) faster than our ancestors. The advantages are — well, may be we have all our work done faster, precision, improved health care, faster communication and greater attention to detail. What…
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Fourth Industrial Revolution Implications

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is defined by the emergence of new technologies such as robotics, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and more. And while this is by no means the first time society has undergone an industrial revolution, these new technologies are set to have the most significant and deeply-felt impact on humanity in…
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7 tips to make the most out of a data science conference

Crazy as it may seem, over the past year, I’ve been to 6 data science conferences in 5 different cities all across the US and over a dozen data science meetup events and gatherings (not to mention one emerging tech conference as a deep learning speaker). This is probably atypical but I have had my…
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The Power of YES!

Have you ever seen the movie “Yes Man”?  It is a movie about a man stuck in his negative ways and due to a self-help seminar, he learns to unleash the power of yes which leads to him living a very exciting life as he travels around the world and meets new people. Try to…
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How can I use Slack to effectively engage conference attendees?

✅ out my post I made with some tips for networking. Awesome opportunity. Thanks for sharing Kate Strachnyi ♕. I am going to an upcoming Data Science Atlanta Conference. Would be awesome to attend another data science conference. Here is a post I made with some tips for networking. I am trying to go to…
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Tips of the week

It’s always better to follow the basics: Keep Smiling Do your research on what you want to get out of the conference and make sure you get connected with a few on Linked In .It may be help you in long run ! If you are new to data science , approach other peers and…
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