Humans of Data Science (HoDS)

What is it? In an attempt to get to know the individuals behind data science, I started a project called Humans of Data Science (HoDS) – a series of short video interviews (about 5-15 minutes each) with several data scientists in our fun community.

Where is it? The videos are published on the YouTube channel – Story by Data.

How to prepare? The questions that will be asked do not require any preparation (mainly your opinion/personal story).

Who can qualify? To qualify for participation you must be 1) human & 2) be a data scientist, aspiring data scientist, data enthusiast, or just be curious about data.

If you’re interested in taking part in this initiative contact me!

Links to completed interviews you can watch right now!

  1. Nic Ryan 
  2. Megan Silvey
  3. Rajkumar Budhi Dhananjayan
  4. Michael Ivie
  5. Lori Stroud
  6. Konstantin Konstantinovsky
  7. Monalisa Mishra
  8. JT Kostman
  9. Charles Givre
  10. Kyle McKiou
  11. Beau Walker
  12. Favio Vázquez
  13. Nitin Patkar
  14. Ghada Louil
  15. Pawel Rosikiewicz
  16. Alex Antic
  17. Shahed Alali Alghrsi
  18. Randy Lao
  19. Kunal Jain
  20. Ehab Othman
  21. Craig Brown, PhD
  22. Purva Pujari
  23. Mike Tamir
  24. Gregory Nelson
  25. Sam Nelson
  26. Jay Bakshi
  27. Kristen Kehrer
  28. Rahul Kotagiri
  29. AJ Goldstein
  30. Fatima Hamdan
  31. Anca Maria Alvirescu
  32. Eric Siegel
  33. Martin Kemka
  34. John Thuma
  35. Matt Dancho
  36. Karen Masterson, Ph.D.
  37. Taylor Pellerin
  38. Eric Weber
  39. Su Montgomery
  40. Christopher Himmel
  41. Isaac Faber
  42. Jason Krantz
  43. Mahesh Varavooru
  44. Rico Meinl
  45. Hamit Hamutcu
  46. Jennifer Cooper
  47. Trey Johnson
  48. Jordon Morrow
  49. Tom Davenport
  50. Andreas Kretz
  51. Lori Silverman