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Dedicated to helping others learn about various topics in the data realm. This project will allow everyone to work together, have fun, and learn from each other. Are you data-cated?  

  • Every Friday a new data-related topic will be posted on this site
  • The goal is to research the topic and provide a summary (100-300 words) of your understanding/ perspective using the form below (by end of day Thursday
  • All approved posts will be published on the Story by Data blog
  • The person that provides the BEST summary will be announced on Friday and their post will be shared broadly across social media sites!
  • The WINNER will also receive a prize (varies every week)

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11/4/2019Qualities that make a great data scientistThe Data Scientist’s Journey. The Guide for Aspiring Data Scientists Steven Barnard
21/11/2019Provide an example of a business use case/ application for data scienceDS4B 101-R: Business Analysis With RAdeola Adesoba
31/18/2019What are some limitations of deep learning models?Deep Learning A-ZJennifer Cooper
41/25/2019Discuss the importance of having a data strategy for a businessData Strategy by Bernard MarrDeepal D’Silva
52/1/2019Provide an example of an application/business use case of Natural Language Processing (NLP)Natural Language Processing (NLP) using PythonBianca Aguglia
62/8/2019A. Discuss the trade off between bias and variance
B. Select and describe a machine learning algorithm
The 100 Page Machine Learning Book by Andriy BurkovArchit Shorey
A. Discuss the need for standardization of data science roles and the discrepancy between the job descriptions and the true needs of the business
B. Describe some best practices or considerations in hiring data science teams
Up-Level Your Data Science Resume Jacob Jensen
82/22/2019Write a short biography on someone that inspired you in the data science spaceThe Disruptors: Data Science Leaders: Collective Biographies of Influential Leaders: Vol IRangaprasad Sampath
93/1/2019Select and describe a data mining techniqueData Mining For DummiesParth Parekh
103/8/2019Polynomial Regression – Describe why you would use polynomial regression End-to-end Machine Learning: Polynomial RegressionNagaraj S Murthy
Gaurav Chavan
Bhavesh Bhatt
113/15/2019Advice to aspiring data scientistsAnnual membership to SuperDataScience PlatformStuart Flint
123/22/2019Data visualization best practicesThe Big Book of Dashboards by Steven WexlerAnshul Mittal
133/29/2019Summarize article that discusses application of predictive analyticsPredictive Analytics book by Eric SiegelNagaraj S Murthy
144/5/2019Describe a few applications/ use cases for computer visionGrokking Deep Learning for Computer VisionCharis Loveland
Parul Pandey
Sumit Ranjan
154/12/2019Explain blockchain technology to a non-technical audienceA Brief Description of Blockchain: Why It Matters in the Real World by Mike Talbot
Balaram Krishna Tidhi
164/19/2019Discuss the importance of color in a dashboard or data visualizationData Visualization for Dummies by Mico Yuk
Spencer E. Sobczak
174/26/2019Describe the key components of effective storytellingBusiness Storytelling for Dummies by Lori Silverman
Spencer E. Sobczak
185/3/2019Explain the difference between an INNER JOIN and an OUTER JOIN in SQLData Science For Dummies by Lillian PiersonSee next week for winner
195/10/2019See previous weekAvanthika Sankararaman
215/24/2019How can a data-driven culture drive business success?Seeing Around Corners: How to unlock the potential of Big Data – by Graham Hogg
See next week for winner
See previous week

Piu Mallick
236/7/2019Use the data set from LINK
A. Create a data visualization
B. Submit post/ video explaining your data story & include the data viz
Data Story Academy 3-part course ($349 value) from Zack Mazzoncini
Sai Raghuram Kothapalli
256/21/2019See Week 23

What are some pros and cons of data democratization?

The Analytics Lifecycle Toolkit: A Practical Guide for an Effective Analytics Capability by Gregory Nelson
See next week
287/12/2019See previous weekSee previous week
Suchindranath Hegde
Describe any data science concept in simple layman terms

Mark Meloon’s “Data Science Quick Hire Kit!” 
See next week
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See previous week

Reem Mahmoud
318/2/2019WEEK OFF
328/9/2019Describe your process/ work-flow for creating data visualizations / dashboardsTableau Visual Best Practices Udemy CourseSee next week
338/16/2019See previous weekSee previous weekTBD
What data skills do you wish you had learned early on?
See next weekSee next week
See previous week

Beginner Python and Math for Data Science course ($750 value!) from Metis

Tracey DiLascio-Martinuk
389/20/2019What are tips/ strategies for making the most of a data science conference?ODSC West Silver or Business Pass See next week
399/27/2019See previous weekSee previous weekSerg Masis
4110/11/2019What are the advantages and disadvantages of the fourth industrial revolution?AI and Data Strategy: Harnessing the business potential of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data by Nigel Schmalkuche
, Peta Marshall
, and Rekha Swamy
See next week
4210/18/2019See previous weekTBD

What are some common mistakes people
make when working with data?
Avoiding Data Pitfalls by Ben JonesSee next week
4511/8/2019See prior weekSee prior week Kate Cordell
4611/15/2019Advice to an entry-level programmerIllustrated Guide to Python 3 by Matt HarrisonSee next week
4711/22/2019See prior week See prior week Vetrivel Natarajan
4811/29/2019 a) provide a summary of the most interesting innovation in data science/ AI for 2019 OR b) provide an overview of a news article in data science/ AI from 2019 Datacated Calendar 2 Winners will be announced on 12/20/19