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The Disruptors: Data Science Leaders

The buzz around data science is generating interest across industries and putting pressure on businesses to get up to speed and capitalize on this thing called data. Data scientists are the practitioners of this field and are the heroes of this book. Kate Strachnyi embarked on a journey to speak with some of the most influential leaders in this space (including DJ Patil, Former Chief Data Scientist of the White House, Monica Rogati, Senior Data Science and AI Advisor, Bernard Marr, the eminent business influencer, etc.) to hear their stories and to uncover the characteristics that make them The Disruptors.


Journey to Data Scientist

When author Kate Strachnyi wanted to learn more about data science, she went straight to the source. In a series of more than twenty interviews, she asks leading data scientists questions about starting in the field and the future of the industry.


Tableau Visual Best Practices: Go from Good to GREAT!

Check out the new Udemy course on taking your data visualizations from good to GREAT! We use Tableau to learn about best practices for effective data visualizations. I designed this one-hour long course for data analysts/scientists who are passionate about data visualization that may find it challenging to create dashboards that are not only visually appealing but also user friendly and well-received by their audience.  Click Learn More below to get more information.

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