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Need of Polynomial Regression.

Linear Regression is one of the most used techniques for fitting a straight line to a linear data and is given by: Y = θ‌0 + θ1x where,                                                                                                                                                                                                  θ‌0 is the bias term which is the y-intercept of line                                …
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Switching from Linear to Polynomial Regression

In the field of Machine Learning, Regression is a common term used to define the prediction values of Continuous Dependant Variable. Depending upon distribution of data, we can determine whether to use linear regression or non-linear regression. Linear regression is used when the relationship between dependant and independent variable is linear. When it comes to non-linear…
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Polynomial regression- Absence of a perfect model to get a job

This is my first submission to #datacatedweekly and possibly my first article. I am currently on a job hunt in analytics and for this article I will present a scenario of using polynomial regression for the same. Gone are the times where you are considered for an interview based on single factor. Today, there are…
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