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How can a data-driven culture drive business success?

In recent times, almost all the business leaders would like the ubiquitous use of data throughout their organizations. While the companies try to put in a lot of effort in gathering the data across their business, often it happens that the data was unable to cross the periphery and remained mostly as an untapped potential.…
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How can a data-driven culture drive business success by Yashi Sahu

Data pool has expanded exponentially and is set to expand even more. It has been predicted that in near future there will be such an enormous amount of data than exists now and there is no sign that this data pool will be reduced or shrink inits volume anytime soon. As per the immense growth…
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Data to Business Value Framework in Data Driven Organisation

I came across this super fun ad which explains the data driven decision making and the data driven culture so very simply 🙂 https://youtu.be/_LZ6CcbZ_O4 Data Driven Culture is when an organization makes all its decisions based on OPINIONS DATA. Ability to connect data to actions is what helps drive data driven decision making. How do…
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Joins Simplified: Blog-post Comment Section Case Study

Joins is an intriguing method in SQL used to extract useful information from two tables, provided that there is at least one common column between the two tables. Joins can be used as a substitute to sub-queries. The resultant of the joins can be stored in another table or displayed through a view. Inner Join:…
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The 4 Key Components of Effective Business Storytelling

From sitting around the campfire to sitting around the boardroom, humans have been storytelling for thousands of years. Today, storytelling is essential in business. Whether you are pitching an idea to an investor or simply giving a progress report in a Monday morning meeting – you are telling a story. Here are 4 essential components…
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A guide to Effective Storytelling with data

By Cassin Thangam Edwin – Power BI developer at Accenture. When you cannot communicate a happening, what is the point in that?  To start with an elevator pitch, storytelling is the art of translating an incident into a story. It allures the listeners to involve themselves completely and imbibe  the words of the spokesperson. Just…
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Key Components of a great story

A great story has to feel believable.  There can be some exaggerated elements, but you have to relate to the characters.

What’s left unsaid… gets predicted eventually !

We are living in a digital era where half of the population is carrying either of smart-phones, laptops etc. We can’t deny the fact that these electronic devices are getting more intelligent day by day. But the question which still daunts us is that how are they getting intelligent? So what do I mean by…
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-Summary of the article based on the transcript of Dr Data Show episode, “Five Ways Your Safety Depends on Machine Learning “ Predictive analysis is a technique of using existing data to predict what could happen in future. One application of this technique is in using predictive analysis as a norm in safety standards by guiding…
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A picture is worth a thousand words

An average person can retain 10% of what they hear when tested after 72 hours. However, when same information is shown visually they retain it up to 65%. This statistic is based on a 2008 study in the content Brain Rule Rundown. Good data visualization should engage the audience as well as improve the depth…
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