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So you think you can ‘Data Science’ ?

“No, sir. CSV is not a database.” I said as I sipped my third cup of coffee at 9 am. That is how my day began. How about you? We all know the good old overly simplistic(?) role of Data Scientist – Data Cleaning, Exploration, Statistical modelling/Machine Learning and Visualizations. I don’t think this needs…
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Communication & Collaboration will make you “Great”

I want to start with the preface, that the qualities that make a great data scientist will be very dependent on the company you work for at the team that surrounds you. I strongly feel that organizations should focus on building a dynamic data science team rather than offering out the title of a data…
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Easy Intro to Python

Although I’ve worked in the data space for the past 5 years, my responsibilities have not required me to learn to code. I mostly focus on ensuring the data is structured properly and visualized effectively. Coding/ programming has always sounded exciting; therefore, I decided to learn more about it. I took a few courses on…
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