Why deep learning may be not a good idea?

We may know the power of deep learning in AI/data science world. In this post, I would love to share some experience in working with deep learning (which has unfortunately not been applied in production due to the drawbacks): 1. Deep learning is computationally expensive: I once was asked to model a time-series regression with…
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Removing the Middle-Man

There are several apps out there today that use deep learning models to identify pictures uploaded to its platforms.  One example comes from the show “Silicon Valley”, where one of the characters created an app that was advertised to be able to identify food.  However, due to some of the limitations of deep learning (and…
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Limits of data hungry Deep Learning!

   Deep learning is often compared to the mechanisms that underlie the human mind! There’s no doubt that machine learning and deep learning are super-efficient for many tasks. However, they’re not a silver bullet that will solve all problems and override all previous technologies. Deep neural networks, which power deep learning algorithms, have several hidden layers…
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What are the limitations of deep learning?

There are a few on the top of my head: 1- Deep Learning usually requires more data to achieve higher accuracy than other ML models 2- It is very difficult to interpret the behavior of every layer once the network becomes a little deep. For example: in regression you can explain the effect of x1,…
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Security, Humans and Innovation Limitations

There are a few things worth noting, at a first sight: The security breaches Humans are involved Innovation is kinda off limits The security: The security of deep learning is clumsy and in a way it is its own paradox: how do you learn everything and at the same time protect yourself from learning. There…
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Meta Learning

Meta learning i.e. learning how to learn is still the limitation of deep learning on which people are constantly working. There is the race going on to achieve a sufficiently good accuracy and if done would be one of the most game changing discovery in this field. By: Ashish Ohri

Limitations of Deep Learning Models

Rather than spitting out everything Google threw at me, if I searched for limitations of Deep Learning, I want to share the difficulties that I faced in my small but happening professional life as Machine Learning Engineer. Interpretability I was developing a time series forecasting model for one client and when presenting them with the model,…
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Know the Limitations

Not Everything can be Deep learned: Deep learning although having wide applications cannot be used in every area. Certain areas require programming or scientific methods. For example, deep learning cannot be use in data preparation. Lack of knowledge: A lot of people do not know about deep learning. The people who know about deep learning…
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Save the Earth

We live on it, we depend on it and still we don’t appreciate it enough. We don’t care enough. We keep destroying it without thinking about what we are leaving behind. In what condition will we leave out planet for our children? I am sure many of us think about it, but we just don’t…
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Data Science for Water

The world is facing several problems related to water: flooding, drought, access to potable water, availability of water for agricultural production, pollution of water resources, and an absence of basic sanitation. The public and private sector, profit and non-profit alike, are all working tirelessly to develop tools to improve the decision-making process to better forecast,…
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