A life skill you must have

I always have a strong feeling about writing and practicing code. I am into core technical field of data but I don’t write code. (A great and must-have skill in today’s data world). I believe code is data and data is code. There is nothing we can do without properly accessing /manipulating/curating the data and…
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Python and The Beautifully Ridiculous Irrationality of Human Choice

Human beings are wonderful, terrible, amazing, fascinating… and WILDLY inconsistent when it comes to taking surveys! Analyzing the data produced by these fabulous creatures sometimes feels like being a porcupine trying to make balloon animals: The end result will be pretty darn awesome, but there will be a lot of loud noises, swearing, and possibly…
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Data skills wish knew early on in my career

When starting my path toward becoming an engineer there were numerous things that wish knew early on in my career. In the beginning I used Microsoft Access and Excel for all my analysis which are sufficient for some analysis but not the right tools for most of the projects being assigned to me. It became…
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SME(CVM,Data Analytics, Data Analyst)

Data has over the years and relentlessly become a good resource for several companies. In recent times data is known to be the world’s oil because of the numerous benefits that can be derived from data. Data indeed has a voice and can speak well to all business problems and help provide tailored solutions accordingly.…
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What do you wish you had learn early on ?

I wish I had learn how to speak English. I am from Venezuela and I came here in 2010 not know how to be able to communicate. It was very challenging. I made it through hard work but things would have come maybe different for me if I well knew before.. I could have gone…
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Skills I wish I knew before!

Who would have imagined a high school student with a dream of becoming a doctor, took a turn and became a Mechanical Engineer, worked in analytics and then quit the job for graduate studies to become a data scientist. Well, here I am!  Without solid programming skills and math, I wish I knew these before:…
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Statistics really???

Introduction I started my career as a software engineer and had a great time building applications. Those were simpler times, I could see what was built. Adding a button that appeared on the webpage and all one had to do was make sure the functionality works, data read /writes happened asynchronously, and the page can…
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Dear Python

Last year, in January, I gave a birth to a girl. When baby came I had many new tasks. Taking care of her, feeding her, changing clothes, cooking, cleaning,etc. That was the beginning of multitasking. I need more hands to do everything. Earlier this year I have started with learning Python programming language. I am…
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What data skills do you wish you had learned early on?

I wish I had learned SQL so that it would be easier to follow along And makes the learning path a lot easier. By: Gursev Bajwa

Must have Data skills

I wish could learn to develop algorithms by leveraging concepts of statistics — from a data scientist viewpoint. Another must have skill is to be able to convey your insights to someone from a non-technical background i.e. data visualisation. Automating your repetitive data cleaning processes would be the third. I believe working with different kinds…
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