Joins : A difference in extracting the data

Joins are used to combine tuples (rows) from multiple tables. There can be multiple numbers of joins in the query statement. The tables are interlinked by joins using Primary Key and Foreign Key. Joins can be of two types: Inner joins Outer joins Inner joins are used to extract the common records where the keys…
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Joins Simplified: Blog-post Comment Section Case Study

Joins is an intriguing method in SQL used to extract useful information from two tables, provided that there is at least one common column between the two tables. Joins can be used as a substitute to sub-queries. The resultant of the joins can be stored in another table or displayed through a view. Inner Join:…
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Actors and their ROI Analysis

As we all know, the new Avengers movie has made about $2 billion already and has made a world record. Today, we want to take a look at the inner working of what makes a movie so successful. This data set includes the actors/actresses, director, genre,year and how much they earned. Mostly the focus will…
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Marvel Movies, Game of Thrones, SQL, and You

Stick with me, there is a SQL story here. The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) spans 11 years and 22 movies. Over half of U.S. adults aged 18-34 have seen at least one Marvel movie (Statista, 2018). In an 8-year run, HBO’s Game of Thrones (GoT) has seen television bend the knee with viewership numbers including an…
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The 4 Key Components of Effective Business Storytelling

From sitting around the campfire to sitting around the boardroom, humans have been storytelling for thousands of years. Today, storytelling is essential in business. Whether you are pitching an idea to an investor or simply giving a progress report in a Monday morning meeting – you are telling a story. Here are 4 essential components…
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Persona-driven storytelling

Effective storytelling makes use of key data directed at key personas. Persona-based stakeholder communication means that you showcase your metrics to tell a great story to investors, team members, and customers. This story is different depending on the metrics or KPIs each party cares about. These may include: Business Metrics Opportunity Quote Order Fulfillment Manufacturing…
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A guide to Effective Storytelling with data

By Cassin Thangam Edwin – Power BI developer at Accenture. When you cannot communicate a happening, what is the point in that?  To start with an elevator pitch, storytelling is the art of translating an incident into a story. It allures the listeners to involve themselves completely and imbibe  the words of the spokesperson. Just…
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Key Components of a great story

A great story has to feel believable.  There can be some exaggerated elements, but you have to relate to the characters.

The Importance of Color in Data Visualization and Dashboard Design

By Spencer E. Sobczak – Data Storyteller at Theia Inc. Data visualization has reached mainstream recognition as an essential part of data storytelling thanks to business intelligence tools like Tableau, Qlik, and Power BI, and for good reason. Vision is one of the five senses we use to process information, making it a powerful tool…
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Image -> 1000 words… Colors -> more than it

When working on data visualization, dashboards get lit up with color like Christmas tree. Every color has a meaning associated with it. Colors can draw our eyes to what is important and binds the similar things. Example, similar characteristics are represented with same color but different hues when working on dashboard. Why so ? because…
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