What are some pros and cons of data democratization?

What is Data Democratization? Data is essential for organizations that are looking to maintain a competitive edge enabling them to pinpoint potentially profitable areas that they may have been missing for a long time: to drive down costs and to make decisions based on fact and not the fallibility of gut instinct. Data democratization describes barrier-free…
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Data Governance Should be a Republic – Not a Democracy

A true ‘data democracy’ would be a disaster. As Marr, says, “Data democratization means that everybody has access to data and there are no gatekeepers…” That sort of transparency would mean no information would be withheld from anyone in an organization – including sales, salaries, personnel performance, health records, and PII. If the thought of…
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Data Democratization: Revolutionizing decision-making process

Advantages of Data Democratization Empowerment: Gone are the days when a few IT departments were considered custodians of data. By making data accessible to the masses, we are empowering people to be part of the decision-making process by leveraging their diverse experience and skill to gain business insights. Data in its unprocessed raw form is…
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Data literacy = key to unlocking the power of data democratization

When one thinks of the power of democratizing data to the masses, we can see how it is the answer for data and analytical success.  Giving data to the masses, looking to find insight and knowledge, opening it up for everyone is empowering and the right thing to do. There is one large issue though:…
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Highlights from ODSC Immersive AI Event in NYC

Attending conferences, events, meet-ups, or just socializing with people that have shared interests (in my case DATA), is beneficial for sharing ideas and learning new concepts. Below is a quick snapshot of some of the sessions that I took part in at the Open Data Science Conference (ODCS) Immersive AI event in NYC (June 28-29,…
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Americans sleep analysis by gender and age.

Insights : The age group of 15-24 are sleep more and 65+ year are the second largest age group who sleep more. Every age group sleep more on weekends and on holidays than in workdays For every age group, women sleep slightly more than men By: Nityanand Wachche

Is Work Stress reason behind Americans less sleep ?

From the data analysed ,following points are identified in the American’s sleep Pattern 1. Surely the sleep is getting better among the American’s compared to early 2000’s 2. Adults in the Age group 25- 64 years are having issues in the sleep. 3. Is the work stress or work related issues are reason for less…
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Sleepless Americans

Hello data family, Hope you guys are doing good. Today I wanted to talk about a topic – “Sleepless Americans”. This data provides us information about the Average sleep hours of Americans from 2003 to 2017 by age and sex. The dataset was first cleaned to remove ambiguities. The first change to the data was…
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Average sleep time in America

Eduardo Suja June 19, 2019 About the original visualisation showed in Data are correct BUT There is no distinction between workdays and holidays or weekends There is no description of evolution over time Let’s try to add that information without losing anything Exploration Conclusions The influence of age Teens sleep more. I could never…
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