How can a data-driven culture drive business success?

In recent times, almost all the business leaders would like the ubiquitous use of data throughout their organizations. While the companies try to put in a lot of effort in gathering the data across their business, often it happens that the data was unable to cross the periphery and remained mostly as an untapped potential.…
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How can a data-driven culture drive business success by Yashi Sahu

Data pool has expanded exponentially and is set to expand even more. It has been predicted that in near future there will be such an enormous amount of data than exists now and there is no sign that this data pool will be reduced or shrink inits volume anytime soon. As per the immense growth…
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Data to Business Value Framework in Data Driven Organisation

I came across this super fun ad which explains the data driven decision making and the data driven culture so very simply 🙂 Data Driven Culture is when an organization makes all its decisions based on OPINIONS DATA. Ability to connect data to actions is what helps drive data driven decision making. How do…
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Usama Fayyad Interviewed by Kate Strachnyi – ODSC Boston

Usama Fayyad was the keynote speaker at ODSC Boston 2019 and talked about the IADSS (Initiative for Analytics and Data Science Standards – research; findings into analytics market, insight from research participants and the next steps of the research. Just after the speech, we were there to make a Live Broadcast on LinkedIn with…
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Joins in SQL

By Rohit Dhanwani View presentation here: Joins in SQL presentation

Difference between INNER and LEFT join

In Database development Joins are commonly used key word. Joins generally do mapping between two or more tables and retrieve a meaningful information from multiple tables. There are Inner, Left outer, Right Outer and Full Outer joins available. All this joins has different functionality. INNER JOIN: Inner join can be used simply by typing JOIN…
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Science behind Inner and Outer Join in SQL

SQL – Structured query language is one among the most easily picked up RDBMS languages and widely used across industries to store and retrieve data for transactional and reporting purposes. When moderately large amount of data needs to be handled SQL comes into picture and is considered most efficient, manageable. DML is the way of…
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SQL Joins: Inner Join Vs Outer Join

In Relational Database, more often than not, related data is distributed along multiple tables. So when we need to retrieve a set of data stored along multiple tables, we have to retrieve the data from all the related tables and combine them, and we do this by using the common factor in those tables. It…
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JOINS: A powerful skill to have in your kitty!

Inner Join Vs Outer Join: Before we understand different types of joins, I think it’s important to understand the purpose behind using it. As we know, JOINs is one the most powerful features of SQL used for gathering and manipulating data from across different tables. Without this feature, we would have to store all the…
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Difference between an INNER JOIN and an OUTER JOIN in SQL

JOINS are the most commonly used commands that we come across in any SQL query or script. There are different types of JOINS defined in SQL to get varied outputs. The purpose of joining tables is to understand the relationship between the data present in the tables and how they change based on the conditional…
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