How to network at a data science conference if you are broke and an introvert

My top strategy for getting the most out of a data science/analytics conference is to be a volunteer!  If you help out at the check-in table, you automatically meet every attendee, learn their name, and match it to a face without any effort at all.  What could be simpler?  Nice bonus: most likely you will…
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The 4P strategy – tips to attend a Data Science conference

Banner Link: With an information overload around us, and it is becoming increasingly impossible to keep up with the latest and greatest tech advances. Conferences are another medium that contribute to this vast ocean and that too in just a few days. While they are important to attend, it is crucial to choose which…
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Do’s and Don’t for Conferences

Some of the best practices for networking in conferences. Dress Well : I would this is the most important thing a person will notice when you approach them in conference.If you dress well it creates a good impression on other person plus it increases your self confidence.Also keep some mints and gums to keep your breath…
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Pandas, Pandas, Pandas

Data cleaning and data manipulation is the skillset that I wish I learned early on … and practiced often! I am learning how to use Python for data science, which uses the pandas library for tasks related to data manipulation. So, to illustrate the importance of data manipulation in data science, I will use pandas…
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Useful statistical knowledge for clustering

I wish I had learned earlier statistical techniques to assess characteristics and quality of a machine learning clustering technique i.e.: – discriminant analysis, – entropy to evaluate the spread of a variable within a cluster, – Silhouette score and Silhouette shape. By: Valérie Alléger

A life skill you must have

I always have a strong feeling about writing and practicing code. I am into core technical field of data but I don’t write code. (A great and must-have skill in today’s data world). I believe code is data and data is code. There is nothing we can do without properly accessing /manipulating/curating the data and…
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Python and The Beautifully Ridiculous Irrationality of Human Choice

Human beings are wonderful, terrible, amazing, fascinating… and WILDLY inconsistent when it comes to taking surveys! Analyzing the data produced by these fabulous creatures sometimes feels like being a porcupine trying to make balloon animals: The end result will be pretty darn awesome, but there will be a lot of loud noises, swearing, and possibly…
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Data skills wish knew early on in my career

When starting my path toward becoming an engineer there were numerous things that wish knew early on in my career. In the beginning I used Microsoft Access and Excel for all my analysis which are sufficient for some analysis but not the right tools for most of the projects being assigned to me. It became…
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SME(CVM,Data Analytics, Data Analyst)

Data has over the years and relentlessly become a good resource for several companies. In recent times data is known to be the world’s oil because of the numerous benefits that can be derived from data. Data indeed has a voice and can speak well to all business problems and help provide tailored solutions accordingly.…
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What do you wish you had learn early on ?

I wish I had learn how to speak English. I am from Venezuela and I came here in 2010 not know how to be able to communicate. It was very challenging. I made it through hard work but things would have come maybe different for me if I well knew before.. I could have gone…
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