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Dedicated to helping others learn about various topics in the data realm. This project will allow everyone to work together, have fun, and learn from each other. Are you data-cated?  

  • Every Friday a new data-related topic will be posted on this site
  • The goal is to research the topic and provide a summary (100-300 words) of your understanding/ perspective using the form below (by end of day Thursday
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  • The person that provides the BEST summary will be announced on Friday and their post will be shared broadly across social media sites!
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1 1/4/2019

Qualities that make a great data scientist


The Data Scientist’s Journey. The Guide for Aspiring Data Scientists

Steven Barnard

The Heart of Data Science

2 1/11/2019 Provide an example of a business use case/ application for data science

DS4B 101-R: Business Analysis With R

Adeola Adesoba Data Science for the Goals (SDGs)
3 1/18/2019 What are some limitations of deep learning models?

Deep Learning A-Z

Jennifer Cooper Deep Learning:  3 Limits we face trying to replicate the human brain
4 1/25/2019 Discuss the importance of having a data strategy for a business

Data Strategy

by Bernard Marr

Deepal D’Silva

Data Strategy for your Organization Why’s and How’s

5 2/1/2019 Provide an example of an application/business use case of Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Natural Language Processing (NLP) using Python from Analytics Vidhya

Bianca Aguglia

NLP – The brainless translator created by some very brainy people


6 2/8/2019 A. Discuss the trade off between bias and variance
B. Select and describe a machine learning algorithm

The 100 Page Machine Learning Book by Andriy Burkov

Archit Shorey

Bias – Variance Tradeoff

7 2/15/2019

A. Discuss the need for standardization of data science roles and the discrepancy between the job descriptions and the true needs of the business

B. Describe some best practices or considerations in hiring data science teams

Up-Level Your Data Science Resume by Kristen Kehrer

8 2/21/2019        
9 3/1/2019        
10 3/8/2019