DATAcated Conference 2021

Join the DATAcated Conference on Feb 9-11, 2021 at 11AM – 2PM ET.

The conference is packed with incredible insights from the very
best speakers!

Speakers will deliver
10 min ‘lightning’ talks and will stay on for a few minutes for some live Q&A.

The conference is hosted on
LinkedIn Live and is FREE to attend!

The event
spans three days and covers a large spectrum of topics.

We’ll have plenty of
fun giveaways provided by our Community Partners.

Conference Themes

The DATAcated Conference is focused on three key themes, described below:

DAY 1 – Feb 9, 2021

Extracting Business Value from Data

DAY 2 – Feb 10, 2021

Exploring Trends in AI & Machine Learning

DAY 3 – Feb 11, 2021

Data Storytelling – the ‘Last Mile’ of Analytics

Check out some of our 2021 speakers!

The DATAcated Conference brings together the very best speakers that provide insightful 10-min ‘lightning’ speed talks for the data community.

If you’re a speaker and want to be considered for inclusion in the upcoming event (or future events), please complete the DATAcated Speaker Form

DATAcated Speaker Form

Ben Taylor

Chief AI Evangelist at DataRobot


Cindi Howson

Chief Data Strategy Officer at ThoughtSpot


Ken Jee

Data Science & Sports Analytics

Mico Yuk

Chief Data Storyteller at BI Brainz Group

The 3-Part Analytics Data Storytelling Framework: What you Say, Write and Draw

Inna Saboshchuk, PhD

Senior Data Product Manager at Levi Strauss & Co.

Scott Taylor

The Data Whisperer

The 8 ‘Ates of finding data value

Doug Laney

Data & Analytics Innovation Fellow at West Monroe & Author of “Infonomics”

Infonomics: Data is not the new oil

Harpreet Sahota

Lead Data Scientist at Price Industries

Tips for creating a portfolio project that will get you hired

Susan Walsh

The Classification Guru

Dangers of dirty data

Dr. Brandon Hendrix

Data Ethicist, Researcher, TEDx Speaker

Managing analytics / technical teams

Christina Stathopoulos

Data Expert at Google

From zero to hero: a simple explanation of machine learning

Mike Wimmer

CEO & Founder at Reflect Social

Preparing for human robot interaction for the masses

George Firican

LightsOnData Consulting & Training

Breaking the rules for better data storytelling

Brent Dykes

Sr. Director, Insights & Data Storytelling at Blast Analytics & Author of Effective Data Storytelling

How to weave your facts & figures into an engaging narrative

Dr. Joe Perez

Senior Systems Analyst / Team Lead

The beauty & brains of actionable data: from concept to reality

Ann K. Emery

Data Visualization Speaker & Designer

Data storytelling – 4 fast edits to benefit our busy audiences

Gabriela de Queiroz

Machine Learning Manager, Open Source, Data Science, Educator, Speaker

Kirk Borne

Principal Data Scientist & Data Science Fellow, and Executive Advisor at Booz Allen Hamilton

AI and ML at the Edge: Insights-as-a-Service

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