Is Work Stress reason behind Americans less sleep ?

Is Work Stress reason behind Americans less sleep ?

From the data analysed ,following points are identified in the American’s sleep Pattern

1. Surely the sleep is getting better among the American’s compared to early 2000’s

2. Adults in the Age group 25- 64 years are having issues in the sleep.

3. Is the work stress or work related issues are reason for less sleep among the adults in the Age group 25-64 years ?

4. Men are having less sleep compared to Women among the American’s . The Men sleep is reduced more in the year 2004,2007,2010,2012,2016 and 2017.

5. Women also faced fall in their sleep during the year 2004,2007,2013 and 2015. Below I have mentioned the link to Tableau public where I published the dashboard and Story.!/vizhome/Americanssleepanalysis/AmericansSleepAnalysisDashboard?publish=yes

Sowmya Nagarajan


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  1. Davis says:

    Given the positive linear trend over time, with an anecdotal observation of “information” being available regarding sleep. Are we becoming more aware of the value of sleep via social media, youtube, general information access and thus making effort to get more sleep. Or, are we becoming more exhausted from daily modern activities, devices, level of mental dexterity required of work impacting our physical response to sleep more. I personally, 5-10 years ago would stay up till 11pm-12am most nights; now, I find myself in bed most nights around 9pm-9:30. A combination of understanding the value of sleep (health) but as well just feeling more exhausted at the end of a day (possibly age and activity influencing factors)…interesting.

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